Party packages

We offer plenty of packages to plan your party with. We will ask you which package you will want upon making your reservation.

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Magic: The Gathering

Guided Learn to play:

$15/hr for instructor, one hour minimum (Recommended 2 hours for party of 6 or more at novice level)

Constructed deck fee ($5) per participant, each participant receives a deck and a prize. No competition.

Difficulty: Beginner (Novice)

Time: Variable


$5 per participant

Each participant receives a house deck to play with then competes for prizes!

Difficulty: Casual (Novice), less competitive prize layout

Time: 2.5 hours for # of attendees <12


$25 per participant

Each participant receives 6 booster packs. Participants then build a deck out of the cards they open and competes for more prizes

Difficulty: Easy - Medium (Apprentice)

Time 4.5 hours for # of attendees <12


$15 per participant

Each participant receives 3 booster packs. After opening each pack, each player chooses a card from the pack and pass the rest along to the other players. This continues until all packs are gone. Participants build a deck from their own card pool and competes for prizes.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard (Adept)

Time: 3.5 hours for # of attendees <12


Guided LEarn to play:

$15 per participant, $15/hr for instructor, one hour minimum

Each participant will receive a Pokemon Theme Deck and promo card. Participants will get a brief overview of the game and then hope right into playing. Birthday boy/girl gets a booster pack of the most recent Pokemon set. No competition.

Time: Variable