How to Learn to play?

MAgic: The Gathering

We host Open Houses before every new set release for Magic. At Open House, we have members of our own community teach you how to play Magic using a Welcome Deck. They will go over the basics and hop right in to give all you need to start playing the game. You’ll have a chance to meet other folks at your skill levels and ask any questions about the game. If you can’t make it to one of the official Open House days, we do Mini House events about every month. You can expect the same experience but a bit smaller. Check out our calendar to see which events work best for you.


Every Sunday we host a Casual Pokemon League where members of our community old and new meet to play Pokemon. We have people who are happy to teach you how to play and match you up with someone of similar skill level to get you into the game! Don’t worry if you don’t have your own deck, yet. Our Pokemon Gym Leaders always have decks for you to borrow, and are happy to teach you how to build a deck out of your own cards.

Dungeons & Dragons

For the most recent edition of Dungeons & Dragon, we recommend reserving a space in our D&D Adventurers League through the meetups page. You can find our event as well as others in your area here:

What products do you carry?

We carry a variety of products that we elaborate more on our products page. Please feel free to contact us by phone during business hours for specific inquiries or orders. We also post and discuss some upcoming products and product highlights on our Instagram @experiencepointgames

Do You Purchase collectibles?

Yes! We are always looking to take Magic cards and D&D miniatures off your hands for cash or trade.

For Pokemon, we mostly look for EX & GX cards to purchase. We’re happy to let you know if you have any when you bring them in and their worth.

We typically offer 60% of their value in trade and 40% cash.

Got older or classic Pokemon cards?

While we may not purchase most of the older Pokemon cards, one of our Pokemon League volunteers specializes in the Pokemon card economy and offers her services to inform you of what you might have. She can let you know their approximate market value and give great suggestions on how to sell.

We ask that you call ahead if you are interested in bringing older cards to confirm that she is available.